Let’s CLEAN UP Europe – Leros Edition

Let’s CLEAN UP Europe – Leros Edition

Hydrovius Diving Center, in cooperation with the Port Authority of Leros, successfully completed the coastal and underwater cleaning of the bays of Crithoni and Alinda in Leros, in the context of the Europe-wide “Let’s Clean Up Europe” event, under the auspices of global environmental organizations, on Sunday 6 of  May, 2018.


Many volunteer divers and children responded to the call to participate and offer.


The divers, in collaboration with surface volunteers, made efforts and managed to bring forth very large quantities of anthropogenic pollutants, highlighting once again the need for a direct change of mindset that transforms seabed into submerged landfills.

Underwater cleaning in Leros is for yet another year a sign of Divers and Port Authorities intentions to highlight the importance of voluntary and unselfish supply to the environment.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the effort who offered their valuable help for the extremely successful result.

Hydrovius Diving Center continues its “journey” with the next two stations , Dio Liskaria and Lakki. Announcements of the upcoming events  will be made on social media and our website www.hydrovius.gr

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