A unique wreck. A moment frozen in time. The german aircraft with three engines lies upside down at the bottom of the deep blue sea , along with all the equipment scattered around it.

The paratrooper’s helmets, guns, machine guns are everywhere…

Entering the aircraft is like experiencing even a little, the shocking story of the aircraft gunner Andrea Hutter, who survived from the fall of the plane and captivity

Depth :43-49m


As a loot of modern fishing, a large part of a German bomber Henkel-111, arrived here, disappearing all traces of where exactly the rest of the aircraft is. More is expected to be discovered

Depth :16m

Αntisubmarine nets

Large piles of metal rings, compose the safety net of Lakkis’ port entrance.

Float for plane, metal parts of the net, excellent visibility, rich underwater life, climaxing with the appearance as a ghost flying disc, a large metal buoy, which tied warships.

Depth :39-43m

Floating metal buoy

Float for plane, metal parts of the net, excellent visibility, rich underwater life, climaxing with the appearance as a ghost flying disc, a large metal buoy, which tied warships.

Depth :39-43m


The “pride of the Greek fleet” lies sunken at Lakki port on the island of Leros.

The legendary World War II destroyer, Queen Olga, was built in Glasgow and played an active role in hundreds of military campaigns, from the Adriatic Sea to the Indian Ocean. When the Greek-Italian war was declared during World War II, Queen Olga was considered the Greek fleet’s most sophisticated warship. Its bombardment by Nazi German fighter planes on September 26, 1943 took the lives of the ship’s captain and 72 crew members on board. Divers may see the holes in the funnels caused by the attack. The degree of visibility is medium (5-10 meters) as the shipwreck is located at the port.

Awarded twice by the British Navy, “Queen Olga” was one of the legendary destroyers of the Greek Navy.

A dive into history …

Depth :28-32m

Anti-Submarine Net Control ship

When you dive, you follow a thick rope and gently ahead an otherworldly scene begins to unfold. A specially reconstructed Italian ship with motor at the bow and stern was sinking the metal protection net which secured the entrance to the Partheni port.

Entering inside, in the engine room, in the bridge, you can see bullets everywhere while a huge tear in the side of the ship explains the cause of the sinking and confirms the severity of the war.

Depth :36-40m

Landing ship wreck

Near the coast, in the bay of Lakki, a small landing craft with the governor’s armored turret and the lowered catapult troubles us.

Depth :36-39m

Italian Barge ship

In just 100 meters distance from the destroyer “Queen Olga”, you can meet a stunning Italian accommodating barge, which it was used possibly by officers. It was also a victim of ruthless bombing of German Aviation, and it was entirely sank in Lakki bay.

Depth :29-30m

Barge ship wreck securing Lakkis’ port

It is about an impressive barge, which was developing and immersing the metal protective net, which secured the entrance of the port.

Extremely clear blue waters, rich in underwater life.

Depth : 38-41m

Wreck of German landing craft

During the Germans attack a German landing craft receives strong fire and has been ignited next to the islet Strogilli.

People were killed on the spot, while others were drown under the weight of their equipment.

Others manage to find shelter on the islet. Grenades, weapons as well as the personal equipment of a soldier are sadly lie in the sand.

Depth :14-28m

The aircraft was highly successful and popular with its
pilots and they saw action in almost every seaborne conflict, Infamous vessels
such as the Admiral Hipper and the Bismark used them in both
reconocence and bombing roles. They were also used in anti-submarine
The wreckage lies  near a  small church on Agia Kyriaki.
All around the cockpit friendly damsel
fish dance in large numbers-standing out against the blue Aegean Sea.

Depth: 16m

Arado 196 aircraft


The natural wealth of Lero’s caves add another reason to dive in the clear waters of the island. There are valuable ecosystems to be found with rare underwater vegetation.

If you are lucky, you might get a glance of a seal family.

Reef and wall diving