Divers have more fun then non-divers, and we explain why. There are many reasons that inspire people to become scuba divers. When you become a scuba diver, many people will start seeing changes in their lives.

Scuba divers generally become more aware of the environment and have a different understanding of man’s place in the world. If you were forced to stereotype divers with a single word, an environmentalist would not, however, be the first thing to pop in your mind.

The expression of a diver getting back on a dive boat and the word “happy” gives you a stereotype definition. Scuba diving is an exciting and fun sport, and that fun is not just while underwater, it influences your entire life.

Scuba diving broadens the mind and gives you a better quality of life, you are happy. Face it, if you are not a diver, then divers are having more fun than you do. Here are a few of the reasons divers are happy and having fun.

1.They call them fun dives for a good reason

When a certified diver goes diving, they refer to it as a fun dive. That is the reason they are there. You can see it in their faces both underwater and when they climb back into the dive boat or wade to shore at the end of the dive.

They may be tired, and there is no style left in their hair, but the ear to ear grin says it all. Once their gear is secured, they will share their experiences with the other divers.

When you start your dive, you leave the hectic day to day lifestyle behind. You will check your gauges every so often, but there are no cell phone calls or emergency emails that have to be done immediately.

You have left the world where that supposedly matters and entered the 71% of the world where it cannot reach out and trap you. As you drop below the surface, you enter a world that is mostly silent. You will hear your bubbles as you exhale but not much more unless you are lucky enough to hear whale songs.

Underwater, you are yourself, there is no false face put on for clients and management. You and your dive buddy set the parameters of your dive within your experience level and explore as you wish. A relaxed diver will feel like they are floating in space and can move with just the slightest of movement if they wish. The undersea world is full of wonder; some locations are known for certain marine life still the unexpected visitor may appear.

Scuba diving is not all fun and games; there is a serious side. Proper training is required before you can go scuba diving without a professional diver with you. This training leads to your Open Water Diver (OWD) certification.

There is also advanced training and specialties if you so desire to expand your diving. Open Water Divers can dive to 60 feet/ 18 meters, and that is a depth that some of the best diving can be found at. The term fun dive is to distinguish it from a training session or training dive.

2.Dive into an awe inspiring environment

They say kids have all the fun. A child can spend hours enjoying themselves with a walk in the park. They will be thrilled to see a new bird or to watch a baby squirrel.

As we become adults, we become jaded to the wildlife around us as we walk. We just start taking it for granted. It is no longer fun. When you learn how to scuba dive, you awaken that feeling of childhood curiosity.

You have entered a new world and start to experience new forms of life. Sure you can go to an aquarium and watch the fish or see a documentary but they are faint impressions of what it is really like.

At the aquarium or watching a documentary you are an observer, while diving you are interacting in their home turf. We tell children, who seldom believe us, that learning is fun. A scuba diver knows it is a fact. Each dive has the potential to present something new. As a diver gains experience, they will find a type of diving that excites them the most.

Scuba diving is often regarded as a warm water sport. However, many divers enjoy cold water diving. In Siberia, there is even an ice hockey league. It is played, upside down under the ice. There are so many aspects to scuba, there is always something new to get you excited.

3.Diving is a non-competitive individual sport

Scuba diving is a sport, however, unlike most sports it is non-competitive and an individual sport. Many executive types take up golf, but often it ends up being an extension of work and they are always trying to shoot fewer strokes.

In diving, there are no scorecards. You should dive with a buddy for safety reasons. However, diving is just you and the environment. An active scuba diver has a better balance in their life than most people, especially those working in an office.

A day of diving can reduce and even eliminate the stress that is built up day after day in the office. Having a diving weekend planned gives you something to look forward to, just thinking about it will bring a smile to your face.

Diving can also be a family sport. Children as young as ten can be certified for shallow dives. What a parent cannot help but have fun watching a sense of awe on their child’s face.

4.Even the shy scuba diver makes instant connections

Introverts will find that scuba diving makes them more confident when meeting others. There is an instant comradery among scuba divers. The relaxed environment on the dive boat coming back to the dive center and at the dive center after the dive makes it easy to express yourself.

It is easy to have fun when you are comfortable with the people around you. Many times dive centers will have their diving clubs whose members dive together and even takes international trips together.

5.Divers travel more to far flung exotic destinations

Scuba divers are some of the most frequent travelers, and visiting other places is fun in itself. The instant connections just discussed adds to the excitement of the travel. The other divers and the local dive staff can give you hints and suggestions that most other tourists will never hear of.

Traveling to dive will also allow you to experience different underwater conditions with the corresponding different marine life. Experiencing the life and cultures of other countries is also something to smile about. Happiness is very contagious and is a side effect of having fun. Seeing someone else smile will often put a smile on your face followed by a brief feeling of happiness.

Become a scuba diver with Hydrovius Team and have your smile make someone else happy.

PADI’s has a fun filled video called “Never Fall in Love with a Scuba Diver” that you should take a look at as you plan on joining those who are having fun in their life.

Why do you think scuba diver have more fun?